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Who Is Tolulope Michael? Everything You Need to Know

Tolulope Michael Cybersecurity? Everything You Need to Know

You can say Tolulope Michael is a synonym for “cybersecurity expert.” His students, friends, mentees, and cybersecurity enthusiasts have given him so many names since he took over the industry in 2023 with his famous 90-day multiple-six-figure cybersecurity program.

These names vary from Tolu Michael to Michael Tolu, Tolulope Adebayo Michael, The Multiple Six-Figure Career Coach, The Cybersecurity Guy, and many other nicks. In fact, within his team, he is popularly called TM. Hence, the inspiration behind his brand logo.

Among the very few visionary leaders who stand out for their exceptional contributions and unwavering dedication to the field of cybersecurity is Tolulope Adebayo Michael. He is a Nigerian-born businessman, writer, techpreneur, and the founder of ExcelMind Cyber, the once-upon-a-time 45-day cybersecurity program that turned 90 days. 

With almost two decades of experience working in various digital security roles across Fortune 500 companies in the United States, Michael has established himself as a pioneering cybersecurity expert.

Born on March 9, 1992, in the serene town of Ikole, Ekiti State, Tolulope Michael embarked on a journey that would see him becoming a luminary in the tech world. His academic and professional pursuits have not only shaped his destiny but have also positioned him as a key player in the cybersecurity domain. 

As the cybersecurity industry continues to face unprecedented threats, Michael’s innovative approaches and educational initiatives offer a beacon of hope and a roadmap to excellence for aspiring professionals worldwide.

This article explores the life and career of Tolulope Michael, highlighting how his passion, dedication, and commitment to empowering others are reshaping the future of cybersecurity. 

Through his visionary leadership and the establishment of ExcelMindCyber, Tolu is a driving force behind the cybersecurity field’s continuous evolution and a mentor to thousands, guiding them toward achieving unparalleled success in the world of technology.

We’ll also comb through the journey, achievements, and impact of Tolulope Michael cybersecurity expert.

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Tolulope Michael Cybersecurity Expert: Profile Summary

Full NameTolulope Adebayo Michael
Date of BirthMarch 9, 1992
BirthplaceIkole, Ekiti State, Nigeria
EducationBachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Lagos State University
ResidenceManhattan, Illinois, United States
Professional ExperienceNearly a decade in various digital security roles at Fortune 500 companies, including FedEx, Shoprunner, Nomad Health, and ABC Supply
Current RoleFounder and Lead Instructor at ExcelMind Cyber
Area of ExpertiseCybersecurity, Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC)
Notable AchievementsFounded ExcelMind Cyber, a leading cybersecurity training, and consultancy firm; Authored several influential books on cybersecurity and GRC; Mentored over 1,000 individuals in cybersecurity; Helped students secure positions in US firms with salaries above $120,000
Personal LifeFounded ExcelMind Cyber, a leading cybersecurity training and consultancy firm; Authored several influential books on cybersecurity and GRC; Mentored over 1,000 individuals in cybersecurity; Helped students secure positions in US firms with salaries above $120,000
PhilosophyBelieves in democratizing cybersecurity education and empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the field
Publications“The GRC Bible: A Comprehensive Guide For The Modern Age”; “Beyond Checkboxes: The Human Element of GRC”; “GRC Chronicles: Navigating The Cyber Seas Of Governance, Risk, And Compliance”; “Bridging Realms: Translating Your Non-Tech Skills into GRC Gold”; “Hacking Your Way To The Job Of Your Dreams: The Cybersecurity Career Handbook”
ImpactSignificant contributions to the cybersecurity community through education, mentorship, and advocacy for a secure digital world
Tolulope Michael Biography

Tolulope Michael’s Early Life

Tolulope Michael Biography
Tolulope Michael Biography

Tolulope Adebayo Michael’s rise in cybersecurity goes beyond mere career success and reflects the power of dedication and commitment.

Michael was born in Ikole, Ekiti State, Nigeria, and his childhood was defined by a deep curiosity and natural intelligence that led him to become a technology expert. He started his schooling at Solid Foundation Nursery and Primary School, where his inquisitiveness was encouraged, and then went on to Army Comprehensive High School, where the groundwork for his tech career was established.

Michael’s love for computers and technology inspired him to enroll in Computer Science at Lagos State University, a choice that not only influenced his career path but also established him as a cybersecurity expert.

His exceptional academic performance was the bedrock for his transition into the professional world, where he soon stood out as an innovative leader and cybersecurity specialist.

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Educational Summary

  • Lagos State University
    • Bachelor of Science – BS, Computer Science: This degree provided Tolulope Michael with a comprehensive foundation in computer science, covering programming, systems analysis, algorithm design, and software engineering.
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) – ISC2
    • CISSP: Recognized globally as a prestigious certification for information security professionals, the CISSP designation confirms Tolulope’s expertise in designing, implementing, and managing a best-in-class cybersecurity program.
  • CompTIA Security+ – CompTIA
    • Security+: This certification validates the baseline skills necessary to perform core security functions, emphasizing hands-on practical skills, ensuring the security professional is better prepared to solve a wider variety of issues.
  • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) – EC-Council
    • CHFI: This certification equipped Tolulope with the necessary skills to identify an intruder’s footprints and to properly gather the necessary evidence to prosecute in the court of law, focusing on the cybercrime investigation process.
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) – EC-Council
    • CEH: This certification trains professionals in ethical hacking techniques and the legal and regulatory standards of information security, preparing them to think and act like a hacker (but ethically) to identify vulnerabilities in computer systems.

Tolu Michael’s Career

Michael gained extensive experience in different digital security positions while collaborating with Fortune 500 companies in the United States, such as FedEx, Shoprunner, Nomad Health, and ABC Supply.

Being at the forefront of cybersecurity in the most advanced tech ecosystem globally enhanced his skills, broadened his knowledge, and shaped his viewpoint on cybersecurity challenges and opportunities.

In 2022, Tolu established ExcelMind Cyber based on his nearly twenty years of experience and forward-thinking approach to digital security. This distinguished cybersecurity training and consultancy firm, based in the United States, represents the culmination of Michael’s journey and his commitment to empowering others. 

ExcelMind Cyber provides individuals in and out of the cybersecurity field with a practical way to acquire the necessary knowledge and establish a successful career in the industry.

Tolulope Michael’s journey from an inquisitive child in Ekiti State to a cybersecurity professional shaping the worldwide digital security field showcases the importance of education, zeal, and unwavering commitment to success.

His adventure is a motivating example for future cybersecurity experts, showing that reaching a high level of cybersecurity is possible with the correct mix of learning, practice, and passion.

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ExcelMindCyber: How His Cybersecurity Training Started

ExcelMindCyber: How His Cybersecurity Training Started

In 2022, as digital threats became more common worldwide, Tolulope Adebayo Michael established ExcelMind Cyber, a company known for exceptional cybersecurity training and consultancy. 

Located in the United States, ExcelMind Cyber embodies Michael’s visionary response to the urgent need for comprehensive cybersecurity education that imparts knowledge and practical experience. 

This initiative marks a significant milestone in Michael’s career, transforming him from a cybersecurity professional into a techpreneur dedicated to addressing the digital security skills gap.

ExcelMind Cyber’s Ultimate Cybersecurity Program stands as a beacon for professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of the cybersecurity field. Created with inclusivity and accessibility in consideration, the program does not require prior IT certifications, degrees, or specific job backgrounds.

This method makes cybersecurity education more accessible to everyone, in line with Michael’s belief that anyone with passion and dedication should be able to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

ExcelMind Cyber’s goals are challenging but within reach, largely due to Michael’s thorough program encompassing Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) alongside other crucial topics.

The program’s students enjoy learning from Michael’s hands-on approach, acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills from real-world projects. This approach guarantees that graduates are prepared for employment and in high demand in the cybersecurity industry.

The success stories and testimonials of ExcelMind Cyber’s alumni demonstrate the program’s effectiveness. Thanks to Michael’s guidance, more than 1,000 people have started successful careers in cybersecurity, with many of them landing high-paying jobs that pay over $120,000. 

His Comprehensive Approach to Cybersecurity Education

Michael Tolulope
Michael Tolulope

Tolulope Adebayo Michael’s influence on cybersecurity education reaches well beyond the establishment of ExcelMind Cyber. His varied method of teaching and mentorship demonstrates a thorough comprehension of the obstacles and potential in the cybersecurity industry.

He plays a crucial role in shaping future cybersecurity professionals as an educator, mentor, industry leader, and innovator in cybersecurity training.

Michael’s key contribution to cybersecurity education involves his unique curriculum, which integrates theoretical understanding, hands-on abilities, and application in real-life scenarios.

This thorough method ensures that students learn the basics of cybersecurity and how to use this knowledge in different situations, turning them into skilled and flexible professionals.

Michael Tolu’s mentorship goes further than just the classroom. He is committed to helping his students develop personally and professionally, providing guidance and support that goes beyond the usual limits of education.

Through ExcelMind Cyber, Michael has provided mentorship to more than 1,000 individuals, guiding them on their path to becoming proficient cybersecurity professionals. This unique aspect is a key feature of Michael’s teaching approach, highlighting the significance of developing skills and creating a helpful learning atmosphere.

Advancements in cybersecurity education led by Michael have greatly impacted the industry. He has created special teaching methods that involve students, foster critical thinking, and support ongoing education. These approaches are created to prepare students for their initial cybersecurity position and a long-term profession in the field.

In addition, Michael’s impact on cybersecurity education goes beyond just teaching and mentoring. He is an influential expert who has written many books on Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) that are valuable for beginners and experts alike.

Books like “The GRC Bible: A Comprehensive Guide For The Modern Age” and “Hacking Your Way To The Job Of Your Dreams: The Cybersecurity Career Handbook” are examples of his published works, showcasing his expertise.

Through his diverse roles and innovative contributions, Tolulope Adebayo Michael is not just teaching cybersecurity; he is shaping the future of cybersecurity education. His work ensures that the next generation of cybersecurity professionals is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and ethical foundation necessary to address the digital challenges of tomorrow.

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Tolu Michael’s Impact Beyond Cybersecurity

Tolulope Adebayo Michael’s influence extends well beyond the confines of cybersecurity education and training. His forward-thinking leadership and dedication to promoting empowerment have substantially influenced various industries, such as fintech and healthcare security.

Michael has helped improve the resilience of these crucial industries against cyber threats by promoting innovation and security awareness.

Michael’s active participation in the community and promotion of cybersecurity awareness underscores his commitment to ensuring a safe digital environment for everyone. He is actively involved in efforts to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity, showing a strong dedication to the welfare of society.

This all-encompassing method towards cybersecurity highlights Michael’s responsibility as a digital security guardian, ensuring that organizations and individuals have the tools to protect their digital possessions from more advanced dangers.

Michael’s passion for advancing cybersecurity drives the evolution of his initiatives and projects. He is currently working on research and development to bring new technologies and methods to enhance our digital world’s security.

These future projects, while currently under wraps, promise to reinforce Michael’s reputation as an innovator and a catalyst for change in the cybersecurity domain.

Moreover, Michael’s impact is also evident in how he has balanced a successful career with a fulfilling personal life. As a family man, he serves as a role model, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve professional excellence while maintaining a rich and rewarding personal life. 

This balance is inspirational for many in the tech industry, where the demands of work can often overshadow personal commitments.

Tolulope Adebayo Michael embodies the principles of dedication, innovation, and altruism in every endeavor. His impact on fintech, healthcare security, community advocacy, and future cybersecurity initiatives paints a picture of a leader who is advancing a field and shaping the fabric of our digital future. 

As we look forward to his upcoming projects, it’s clear that Michael’s journey is far from over; it’s a burgeoning legacy that continues to inspire and empower individuals and communities across the globe.

Books Published by Tolulope Michael

Tolulope Adebayo Michael
Tolulope Adebayo Michael

Tolulope Michael’s books act as educational tools and guiding lights for both newcomers and experienced professionals in the intricate fields of cybersecurity, governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC). Here’s a closer look at his influential works:

1. The GRC Bible: A Comprehensive Guide For The Modern Age

In this seminal work, Tolulope Michael gives a comprehensive analysis of Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) in the digital era. The book is praised for simplifying GRC and making it available to professionals in different fields. Michael explains the basics of GRC with practical examples, case studies, and clear explanations, equipping readers with the necessary tools to understand modern digital security complexities.

2. Beyond Checkboxes: The Human Element of GRC

This book explores the frequently ignored human element of governance, risk management, and compliance. Tolulope Michael highlights the importance of intuition, ethics, and human judgment in successfully executing GRC strategies. Through thoughtful examination, Michael contends that despite technology’s necessity, the human aspect is essential and cannot be substituted, prompting businesses to encourage a culture that combines technological and human elements in cybersecurity.

3. GRC Chronicles: Navigating The Cyber Seas Of Governance, Risk, And Compliance

In “GRC Chronicles,” Michael talks about the difficulties and successes of applying GRC tactics in today’s unpredictable cybersecurity landscape. The book presents real-life situations to help readers grasp the ever-changing cybersecurity threats and the critical role of flexible GRC frameworks. It is a captivating text that intertwines storytelling with valuable lessons.

4. Bridging Realms: Translating Your Non-Tech Skills into GRC Gold

Acknowledging the importance of various skill sets in cybersecurity, Tolulope Michael’s “Bridging Realms” helps non-tech professionals transition into the field. The book outlines how skills from various disciplines can be translated into valuable assets in the cybersecurity field, particularly in governance, risk management, and compliance. Michael’s approachable writing style makes the transition to cybersecurity seem possible and desirable for non-tech professionals.

5. Hacking Your Way To The Job Of Your Dreams: The Cybersecurity Career Handbook

This comprehensive guide is aimed at individuals aspiring to carve out a career in cybersecurity. Tolulope Michael shares insights, strategies, and practical advice for navigating the path to a successful cybersecurity career. From building a solid foundation in GRC to mastering the art of the job search, this handbook is packed with actionable tips that reflect Michael’s deep understanding of the cybersecurity job market and the skills needed to thrive in it.

Note: These books are available on Amazon for purchase. as value-packed as Tolu’s and the relevant and Tolu considered the affordability at fair prices

Social Media Accounts

Twitter (X) @im_tolumichael

On Twitter, Tolulope Michael is followed by 12k+ users. He is known for sharing bite-sized insights into the world of cybersecurity. His tweets often include quick tips and industry news discussing major topics of interest. Michael engages with his followers through Q&A sessions, providing concise, actionable advice. 

He also retweets content from reputable sources in the cybersecurity field, contributing to important conversations and keeping his audience informed of the latest threats and innovations.

LinkedIn (Tolulope Michael)

Tolu has 3k+ Connections on LinkedIn. This account showcases a more professional side, highlighting his accomplishments, publications, and contributions to the cybersecurity community. 

Here, he provides detailed articles, industry analysis, videos, and information on how newcomers, fans, and experts in cybersecurity can succeed effortlessly in the field.

Michael leverages LinkedIn to connect with other professionals, endorsing skills and engaging in group conversations, establishing himself as an expert in the cybersecurity field.

Instagram @im.tolumichael

IG is one of Tolu’s most engaging social media accounts, with 23.6k followers. Michael’s Instagram account offers a more personal glimpse into his world. 

Alongside infographics and short clips explaining cybersecurity concepts in layman’s terms, he also updates his followers on the conferences he’s participating in, the workshops he’s conducting, and glimpses into his everyday routine. Combining professional and personal content makes him more relatable, making cybersecurity more accessible to a larger audience.

TikTok @tolulope_michael

On TikTok, Tolulope Michael uses his creativity to make cybersecurity fun and interesting for his rapidly growing followers, now exceeding 1.3k. He simplifies complicated cybersecurity topics, gives career guidance, and provides a glimpse into the daily life of a cybersecurity professional through brief, engaging videos.

He creates TikTok videos that aim to teach and motivate future cybersecurity experts in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner.

YouTube @Tolulopemichael01

Tolulope Michael’s YouTube channel serves as a thorough source of information for those interested in cybersecurity. The channel includes a variety of content, including in-depth tutorials and podcasts, as well as conversations with other cybersecurity professionals and Q&A sessions with his 39.1k subscribers.

Michael’s captivating delivery and the thoroughness of his material make his YouTube channel a valuable resource for both novices and seasoned veterans seeking to enhance their understanding.


His Strategies for Success

Tolu Michael’s valuable insights and methods provide essential guidance for hopeful cybersecurity experts. His career and accomplishments can be used as a guide for individuals seeking to effectively maneuver through the challenges of the cybersecurity industry.

His guidance is based on years of experience and achievements, highlighting the value of ongoing education, flexibility, and using knowledge strategically.

1. Continuous Learning: 

It is essential to stay current on the most recent threats, technologies, and strategies. Michael promotes an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, like the one that drove his own professional success.

This includes traditional education as well as independent learning, seminars, and involvement in the cybersecurity community.

2. Adaptability: 

The cybersecurity field is marked by rapid change and unpredictability. Michael’s journey underscores the importance of adaptability – pivoting and embracing new challenges, technologies, and roles. 

This adaptability has allowed him to transition seamlessly between various high-level roles in Fortune 500 companies and eventually lead his own successful cybersecurity training and consultancy firm.

3. Strategic Application of Knowledge: 

Michael’s method extends beyond just gaining knowledge; it involves using that knowledge strategically to address practical issues. This is clear by the way he has designed ExcelMind Cyber’s program to incorporate practical projects and real-world situations, allowing students to use their knowledge in meaningful ways.

4. Mentorship and Networking: 

Tolulope Michael’s success is also a testament to the power of mentorship and networking. Through interacting with mentors and creating a professional network, people can acquire important insights, opportunities, and support necessary for advancing their careers. Michael has personally mentored more than 1,000 people, showing his commitment to helping others succeed as they progress.

5. Ethical Foundation: 

Tolu Michael emphasizes the importance of an ethical foundation in cybersecurity. In a field where professionals are entrusted with protecting sensitive information and safeguarding digital infrastructure, integrity and ethical decision-making are non-negotiable. 

His career and teachings reflect a commitment to high ethical standards and the promotion of a secure, trustworthy digital environment.

6 Unknown Facts About Tolu Michael

1.⁠ ⁠Tolulope is a devoted Christian: His typical day begins with prayer and devotional sessions.

2.⁠ ⁠He is an avid reader: He enjoys reading about various topics ranging from his field, cybersecurity, to management, self-development, and leadership. 

3.⁠ ⁠⁠He is a philanthropist: Tolu believes that one’s wealth only has as much value as the impact it has on the lives of others. 

4.⁠ ⁠Tolulope has a knack for skipping: It’s his preferred way of exercising.

5. Worked as a Chaufuer: He once worked as a chauffeur in the United States before pursuing a career in cybersecurity.

6. Built America’s number one cybersecurity platform – ExcelMind Cyber

Tolulope Michael’s Trust Pilot Reviews

1. Chimamaka

Trust pilot review 1

I joined the program and the value I got exceeded my expectations. We had live classes where instructors showed us how to implement what was taught in the program. The live classes felt like internship because it was hands-on practical. I had a Success Counsellor assigned to me to assist me during the course of the program and she reaches out to me weekly. This course was worth every penny.

2. Kolawole

Trust pilot review 2

I am particularly happy to join this incredible Cyber Training program. Told and his team are amazing. They will teach you all you need to know to become a bonafide and certified Cyber Security expert. With Zero knowledge in Cyber Security field, I joined in January 2024 and so far I have acquired a great deal of knowledge in Cyber Security and I am currently preparing to take my professional certification exams in CISA and CRISC.

They assist with building your resume, LinkedIn, and job interview preparations. And they still offer on the job assistance to ensure that you are competent to perform all you job functions after securing your IT dream job. And last but not the least, they have dedicated career SUCCESS manager like Oluchi who always reach out to monitor your progress, challenges and identify any possible assistance that you might require during your training. I will recommend ExcelMinder Cyber program to any aspiring Cyber Security professionals.

3. Yinka

Trust pilot review 3

The educational contents of the cyber Security program at Excelmindcyber are top notch. And the instructors follow up with you to make sure the student is successful.

4. Kofi

Trust pilot review 4

Thank you for visiting. I’m happy you made it here. If you’re looking to take your skills to the next level, Excelmindcyber is the place to be. Tolu and their team are fantastic, leading Excelmindcyber to excellence. All the best to everyone at Excelmindcyber who is with the pros. Now you and I are the next pros in the making at Excelmindcuber, and with that, I see you at the top.

5. Adeoye

Trust pilot review 5

Considering my background in Finance Tolu and his team has encouraged and tutored me to become cybersecurity professional . This indeed is a dream come true . I encourage whoever has same dream as mine not to look back . This team will give you all you need to be successful in this journey.

6. Adekola

Trust pilot review

With all clear mind, I believe I have succeeded in selecting the right platform – Excelmind Cybersecurity Program to get me to the promised land. I’m massively grateful for the exceptional learning environment provided by the school and the dedicated staff ranging from the main man – Tolulope Michael to the technical crew.

It is becoming almost impossible not to want to EXCEL as the prompts from my success manager, the regular live classes, the abundant resources on the dashboard including Tolulope’s books and the host of other learning tools provided by the school will continue to challenge your conscience until you grab the very rare golden opportunity.

Well done, Excelmind Cybersecurity team, as you continue to help people like me to navigate to the right path, and I will soon be one of your success stories. May Almighty God continue to be pleased with you all. Maximum respect!!!


Tolulope Adebayo Michael’s journey and successes in cybersecurity serve not just as a story of individual achievement but also as a source of motivation for future cybersecurity experts around the globe.

Michael has made lasting impacts on the cybersecurity field and many people’s careers through his forward-thinking leadership, creative educational initiatives, and dedicated mentorship.

At the heart of Michael’s influence lies ExcelMind Cyber, an innovative program that has made cybersecurity education available to a wide range of learners.

His thorough method of cybersecurity training, focusing on technical skills, ethical guidelines, and strategic thinking, has readied a new breed of professionals to address the intricate issues of the digital world.

Additionally, Michael’s impact reaches further than just the boundaries of cybersecurity. His work in promoting community causes, educating the public, and driving innovation in the industry demonstrates a profound grasp of the interconnected nature of our digital world and the collaborative effort needed to protect it.

By writing books, giving speeches, and taking on leadership positions, Michael challenges the limits of cybersecurity, motivating others to emulate his actions.

Tolulope Adebayo Michael’s enduring influence proves his conviction that one can reach extraordinary levels in technology by being passionate, dedicated, and committed to aiding others. As we anticipate the future, his plan for a digital environment that is safer, more diverse, and well-informed motivates us to take action.

Participating in Tolulope Michael’s 90-day cybersecurity program and utilizing the resources provided allows for personal development and involvement in a larger effort to create a more secure digital world.

As we move forward in the digital era, the wisdom and actions of Tolulope Adebayo Michael will serve as a compass for budding cybersecurity professionals.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your cybersecurity journey? You can do that with an expert beside you to guide you through without having to stress much. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with Tolulope Michael, a cybersecurity professional with over a decade of field experience. This will allow you to gain personalized insights and guidance tailored to your career goals.

Visit now to book your session. This is your opportunity to embark on your cybersecurity career with confidence.

Tolulope Michael

Tolulope Michael

Tolulope Michael is a multiple six-figure career coach, internationally recognised cybersecurity specialist, author and inspirational speaker. Tolulope has dedicated about 10 years of his life to guiding aspiring cybersecurity professionals towards a fulfilling career and a life of abundance. As the founder, cybersecurity expert, and lead coach of Excelmindcyber, Tolulope teaches students and professionals how to become sought-after cybersecurity experts, earning multiple six figures and having the flexibility to work remotely in roles they prefer. He is a highly accomplished cybersecurity instructor with over 6 years of experience in the field. He is not only well-versed in the latest security techniques and technologies but also a master at imparting this knowledge to others. His passion and dedication to the field is evident in the success of his students, many of whom have gone on to secure jobs in cyber security through his program "The Ultimate Cyber Security Program".

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