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20 Mindblowing ExcelMindCyber Reviews: Why You Should Join the Program

20 Mindblowing ExcelMindCyber Reviews: Why You Should Join the Program

These ExcelMindCyber Reviews you’re about to get a taste of are the results of an expert ‘chef’ by the name of Tolulope Michael. He is not just a seasoned cybersecurity professional; he’s the perfect sauce/recipe you don’t want to miss in your cybersecurity or tech career journey.

You know how the aroma of good food draws you closer to it? That’s how you should see these reviews because the actual meal is when you enroll for the ExcelMindCyber 90-day multiple six-figure cybersecurity program. Then, you can understand Tolu’s level of impact on the lives of the following students. 

The 5-Day Cybersecurity Job Challenge with the seasoned expert Tolulope Michael is an opportunity for you to understand the most effective method of landing a six-figure cybersecurity job.

Picture yourself as a confident cybersecurity professional armed with the skills and knowledge to tackle real-world challenges and poise for a lucrative career. If that has always been your dream, this could be a step to making it all a reality.

In this article, we’ll share the experiences of twenty students who have embarked on this transformative journey with ExcelMindCyber. Their stories are nothing short of mindblowing. From career changers to fresh graduates, these individuals have found their passion and purpose through this exceptional program. 

Read on to discover how ExcelMindCyber can be the catalyst for your career success.

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What You May Not Know About ExcelMindCyber

Immigrant lands $250k cybersecurity job (True Story)

ExcelMindCyber was founded with a clear mission of providing top-tier cybersecurity training that is both accessible and transformative. The brainchild of Tolulope Michael, a seasoned cybersecurity expert, ExcelMindCyber emerged from a desire to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the cybersecurity industry.

Tolulope’s vision was to create a program that educates and empowers individuals to achieve their career goals.

Program Offerings

ExcelMindCyber offers a variety of programs tailored to meet the diverse needs of its students. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to specialize in a specific area of cybersecurity, there’s a course for you. The flagship programs include:

  • Free Cybersecurity Boot Camps: Intensive training sessions that cover everything from the basics to advanced cybersecurity concepts. These boot camps are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the field in a short period.
  • Webinars and Workshops: Regularly scheduled sessions focusing on the latest trends and technologies in cybersecurity, offering both theoretical insights and practical applications.
  • Mentorship Programs: Personalized guidance from industry experts, helping students navigate their career paths and achieve their professional goals.

Teaching Methodology

What sets ExcelMindCyber apart is its unique teaching methodology. The program emphasizes hands-on training, ensuring that students learn the theoretical aspects of cybersecurity and gain practical experience. This approach is designed to build confidence and competence, preparing students for real-world challenges.

Additionally, ExcelMindCyber adopts a personalized approach to learning. Each student receives individual attention and support tailored to their specific needs and goals. This ensures that every participant can maximize their learning potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

With a focus on practical skills, industry-relevant content, and personalized mentorship, ExcelMindCyber has positioned itself as a leader in cybersecurity education. The program’s success is reflected in the glowing reviews from its students, many of whom have gone on to secure high-paying jobs in cybersecurity.

The Importance of Cybersecurity Training

The Importance of Cybersecurity Training
The Importance of Cybersecurity Training

Today, cybersecurity has become a critical concern for businesses and individuals alike. With the increasing prevalence of cyberattacks, data breaches, and other online threats, the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals is at an all-time high. 

Organizations across the globe are seeking experts who can protect their sensitive information and infrastructure from malicious activities.

The rise of cybercrime has created a pressing need for comprehensive cybersecurity training. Employers are looking for candidates who understand the theoretical aspects of cybersecurity and possess the practical skills to implement robust security measures. 

This is where ExcelMindCyber comes in, bridging the gap between knowledge and real-world application.

Career Opportunities

The field of cybersecurity offers a plethora of career opportunities, ranging from entry-level positions to specialized roles. Some of the most sought-after positions include:

  • Security Analyst: Responsible for monitoring and protecting an organization’s network from cyber threats.
  • Penetration Tester: Conducts simulated attacks to identify vulnerabilities in a system.
  • Security Consultant: Provides expert advice on how to improve an organization’s security posture.
  • Compliance Analyst: Ensures that an organization complies with regulatory standards and best practices.
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO): Oversees the entire security strategy of an organization.

These roles come with attractive salaries and significant job security, making cybersecurity an appealing career choice for many. However, breaking into this field requires more than just a basic understanding of IT. It demands specialized knowledge and hands-on experience, which is exactly what ExcelMindCyber provides.

ExcelMindCyber’s Role

ExcelMindCyber equips students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in cybersecurity. The program’s comprehensive curriculum covers various topics, from basic cybersecurity principles to advanced techniques and strategies. This ensures that students are well-prepared to tackle any challenge they may encounter in their careers.

Moreover, ExcelMindCyber places a strong emphasis on practical training. Through hands-on exercises, real-world simulations, and interactive projects, students gain the experience they need to confidently apply their knowledge in professional settings. 

This practical approach enhances learning and makes graduates more attractive to potential employers.

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Top 20 Mindblowing Reviews

Top 20 Mindblowing Reviews
Top 20 Mindblowing Reviews

ExcelMindCyber Review 1: Harry – “Stop Procrastinating!”

“Are you looking to switch careers and boost your salary in just 3 months? This cybersecurity course is your ticket to success! It’s straightforward, insightful, and packed with real value—no fluff, just pure knowledge. Let their experts guide and mentor you to a lucrative new career—resume review, LinkedIn, and interview prep – 100% success rate on all their selected candidates. Jump in now, and you can thank me later. Good luck!”

Summary: Harry’s review is a powerful call to action for anyone looking to switch careers and increase their salary within three months. He praises the straightforward, insightful nature of the ExcelMindCyber course, highlighting the real value it offers without any fluff. 

The mentorship, resume reviews, LinkedIn optimization, and interview prep are all lauded, contributing to a 100% success rate for selected candidates. 

Impact: Harry’s experience underscores the effectiveness of ExcelMindCyber’s comprehensive approach to career transition. His testimonial demonstrates the program’s ability to deliver on its promises and provide real, tangible benefits to its participants.

Review 2: Chijioke Chibundu – “An Expert in Cybersecurity”

“This is my first time attending any boot camps. Thank you Mr. Tolu Michael for making this boot camp on cyber security a home run for me. It is well organized with great content. It’s been about industries, cybersecurity, personal development, networking, crafting professional resumes and job placements. Mr Tolu is a professional who knows what he is doing and where he is going. He is a straight shooter. He knows cybersecurity and has a heart to share knowledge and raise others.”

Summary: Chijioke shares his excitement about attending his first boot camp and expresses gratitude to Mr. Tolu Michael for making it a success. He commends the well-organized structure and valuable content that spans industries, personal development, networking, and job placements. 

Impact: Chijioke’s review highlights the multifaceted value of the boot camp, from personal development to professional networking. It showcases Mr. Tolu Michael’s expertise and commitment to providing high-quality, impactful training.

Review 3: Meg Tee – “A Powerhouse of Knowledge & Experience”

“The knowledge shared was very informative and practical. Tolu is truly an expert in his field and subject matter. My confidence level went from 10% to 1000% after participating in his boot camp. It is worth every single $$ & some more. I’ll be paying this forward by sponsoring a few youths to this boot camp. It is will be the best $$$ I’ll ever spend! keep up the good work Excelmindcyber team!”

Summary: Meg Tee’s confidence soared from 10% to 1000% after attending the boot camp. She found the knowledge shared to be both informative and practical, emphasizing the program’s worth. 

Impact: Meg’s transformation illustrates the profound impact ExcelMindCyber’s training can have on an individual’s self-confidence and professional outlook. Her willingness to sponsor youths to the boot camp speaks volumes about the program’s value and effectiveness.

Review 4: Doris Anum – “Eye-Opening GRC Training”

“My experience with ExcelMindCyver was excellent. day 3 of boot comp with Mr. Tolulope really did an amazing work in structuring the GRC training program. and the Resume building Techniques. Him and his team. i used to think Cyber Security was something of Coding and building system. I just found out that GRC is even in line with the jobs I have worked at, as AML analyst, and so on. this is very good information and an eye-opening moment for me. I’m grateful to have come across Excelmindcyber. thank you for the Experience Sir.”

Summary: Doris had an excellent experience with ExcelMindCyber, particularly appreciating the structure of the GRC training program and resume-building techniques. She realized the relevance of GRC to her previous work as an AML analyst, which was an eye-opening moment for her. 

Impact: Doris’s review highlights the program’s ability to reveal new career opportunities and align past experiences with future goals. It shows how ExcelMindCyber can provide clarity and direction for career transitions.

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ExcelMindCyber Review 5: Chinedu Ude – “One of the Best Boot Camps”

“This is one of the best boot camps I have attended, the teachings are well crafted and direct. The resource person Mr Tolu is vast in cybersecurity and brakes it down to the level you will understand and feel confident to get into the field. this program is truly impactful. Thanks Tolu for allowing me part of this”

Summary: Chinedu found the teachings in the boot camp well-crafted and direct. He appreciated Mr. Tolu’s ability to break down complex concepts into understandable chunks, which boosted his confidence in entering the cybersecurity field. 

Impact: Chinedu’s experience underscores the program’s effectiveness in making complex subjects accessible and boosting participants’ confidence. His testimonial reinforces ExcelMindCyber’s reputation as a top-tier training provider.

Review 6: Rev./Dr. Joshua Bamibe – “Detailed Instruction”

ExcelMindCyber Reviews
ExcelMindCyber Reviews

“Tolulope is a very Detailed Instructor. Tolulope is Detailed, constructive and very polite. 

1. The sincerity in teaching, With emphasis and clarity on GRC and not technical. 

2. Day 1,2 was very good. But Day 3 is Fantastic. 

3. Tolulope & The Excel Mind cyber team help their students to build confidence to enter the GRC World and Excel. ( ie. Prosper). 

4. He explains everything the simplest way. 

5. It’s a blessing to meet someone like Tolulope. 

6. I will definitely recommend Him and his team to everyone.”

Summary: Joshua appreciated the detailed, constructive, and polite instruction provided by Mr. Tolulope. He found the first two days good but day three fantastic, particularly valuing the sincerity and clarity in teaching GRC concepts. 

Impact: Joshua’s review highlights the program’s thorough and clear instruction, which is crucial for building confidence and understanding complex topics. His positive experience with the teaching style and content reflects ExcelMindCyber’s commitment to quality education.

Review 7: Prince Gyabeng Twum – “Very Insightful”

“Very insightful, comprehensive but simplified. Mr. Tolulope has shown to be well vexed in what he does. Within few days with him, I was able to figure the whole concept of Cybersecurity and what it entails. Thanks for the eye opener Mr. Tolulope and your team for the opportunity you continue to give to people who want to have a career change into IT, precisely into Cybersecurity.”

Summary: Prince praised the boot camp for being very insightful comprehensive, yet simplified. He commended Mr. Tolulope for his expertise and ability to explain cybersecurity concepts clearly. 

Impact: Prince’s testimonial demonstrates the boot camp’s balance of depth and accessibility, making it a valuable resource for beginners and experienced professionals.

Review 8: Agabus Okyere – “Inspired by the 5-Day Program”

“My name is Agabus Okyere. I took the 5 days program that is going on june 10 – 14. This program is so wonderful and let me love to work in the GRC firms. Tolulope and his team are doing really well. I recommend this program to everyone interested in cybersecurity especially the GRC aspect.”

Summary: Agabus found the 5-day program wonderful and expressed his newfound love for working in GRC. He recommended the program to anyone interested in cybersecurity, especially the GRC aspect. 

Impact: Agabus’s experience highlights the inspirational and motivational power of the program, encouraging others to pursue careers in cybersecurity.

ExcelMindCyber Review 9: Uchechukwu Ohaka – “A Must-Have Experience”

“This experience is both an eye opener… This experience is both an eye opener and a step by step guidance in GRC. It is a must have for anyone seriously considering a career in GRC. It whets your appetite as well as builds you into being a professional. An all-in-one package.”

Summary: Uchechukwu described the training as an eye-opener and a step-by-step guide in GRC. He emphasized the importance of the program for anyone seriously considering a career in GRC. 

Impact: Uchechukwu’s review underscores the program’s comprehensive and practical approach, making it an essential experience for aspiring GRC professionals.

Review 10: Parfait Nyobe – “Mind-Blowing Simplicity”

Why Choose ExcelMindCyber
Why Choose ExcelMindCyber

“Mind blowing!!!! There are very few words to express how grateful I feel after attending these sessions with Michael. The simplicity with which he can present complex concepts is just mind blowing. I didn’t even know it was possible for a newbie with absolutely no cybersecurity background to grasp these. I highly recommend Excelmindcyber!!!.”

Summary: Parfait was amazed by the simplicity with which complex concepts were presented, making them accessible even to beginners. 

Impact: Parfait’s experience highlights the effectiveness of ExcelMindCyber’s teaching methods in demystifying complex topics and making them approachable for all learners.

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Review 11: Oneil McFarlane – “Excellent Bootcamp”

“Excellent Bootcamp. Tolu broke GRC roles in the most simple form. He tells us exactly what we need to focus on to learn the foundational concept and main frameworks to be familiar with. He gives the entire blueprint to land a job in 90 days!!”

Summary: Oneil praised the boot camp for breaking down GRC roles in the simplest form and providing a clear blueprint to land a job in 90 days. 

Impact: Oneil’s review demonstrates the practical and actionable nature of the training, providing students with a clear path to employment.

ExcelMindCyber Review 12: Monica Adegboyega – “A Wonderful Experience”

“It has been a wonderful experience. The sessions have been in-depth, and I struggle to keep up and soak it all in. Tolulope makes it look so simple even though as a first-timer in Tech it may not be so easy. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to these sessions, you are giving someone like myself the hope and belief to take up the challenge with the determination to make it in Cybersecurity.”

Summary: Monica found the sessions in-depth and sometimes challenging but ultimately beneficial. She appreciated Mr. Tolulope’s ability to make complex topics seem simple. 

Impact: Monica’s experience reflects the program’s ability to support and uplift first-time tech learners, helping them gain confidence and knowledge.

Review 13: Ev. G. – “Comprehensive GRC Training”

“In the last three days I have completed the GRC Training Program offered by Mr. Tolu, and I am thoroughly impressed with the depth and quality of the course. This program provided a comprehensive understanding of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) principles, making it invaluable for both beginners and seasoned professionals. The three days course contents were well-organized; The first day was about the eight main domains of cyber security; day two covered all critical aspects of GRC. Topics included regulatory compliance, risk management frameworks, and requirements; today was about resume. All I can say is thank Mr. Tolu for everything.”

Summary: Ev. G. was thoroughly impressed with the depth and quality of the GRC training program, which provided a comprehensive understanding of GRC principles. 

Impact: Ev. G.’s testimonial showcases the thoroughness and high quality of the program, making it valuable for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

Review 14: Oluwatomi Olusesi – “Simple Yet Effective”

“This is the first time I am really attending cybersecurity workshop as an Accountant. I must say that you made it very simple to understandable. I have always thought it would be very difficult but GRC is the way. Kudos to Tolulope Michael and the team. Amazing experience.”

Summary: Oluwatomi appreciated how the training made cybersecurity, specifically GRC, simple and understandable, even for someone from a non-tech background, like accounting. 

Impact: Oluwatomi’s review highlights the program’s accessibility and effectiveness in making cybersecurity concepts understandable to individuals from diverse professional backgrounds.

ExcelMindCyber Review 15: Brahmjot Nain – “GRC at the Heart of Cybersecurity”

“I was very happy and excited to be able to join the Excelmind cybersecurity bootcamp. picked up great info about various domains, GRC guidelines and compliance regulations and resume building tips.Mr tolu took out precious time to teach ,guide and i am greatly appreciative of that fact.”

Summary: Brahmjot valued the comprehensive coverage of various cybersecurity domains and the emphasis on GRC guidelines and compliance regulations. 

Impact: Brahmjot’s experience underscores the importance of GRC training in understanding the broader cybersecurity scope.

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Review 16: Wola A – “Cybersecurity Made Easy”

20 Mindblowing ExcelMindCyber Reviews- Why You Should Join the Program
20 Mindblowing ExcelMindCyber Reviews- Why You Should Join the Program

“The facilitator; Tolu Michael is very vast in various cyber security domains and his delivery of this knowledge is so simplified and easy to understand thereby making the cyber security profession appears to be a piece of cake. I’m very glad to be a part of the bootcamp. It is worth every second of the time spent on the bootcamp. A very big thank you to the team of Excelmindcyber LLC.”

Summary: Wola found Mr. Tolulope’s facilitation exceptional, with his expertise making cybersecurity domains easy to understand. 

Impact: Wola’s review highlights the program’s ability to simplify complex topics, making them accessible and engaging for students.

Review 17: Jay – “Insightful Experience”

“My experience so far has been truly eye opening! I’m currently unable to work in the US as I’m still waiting on my social security, but then the idea of joining this bootcamp for me was to gain background knowledge on this field! I had no clue about IT or Cybersecurity or the diversities in cybersecurity! It is indeed a wide world in itself! however, this bootcamp has enabled me narrow my choices down to one that best matches my capabilities! This has been a truly impactful and insightful experience!”

Summary: Jay appreciated the boot camp for providing foundational knowledge and helping him narrow down career choices in cybersecurity. 

Impact: Jay’s experience shows the program’s value in offering career direction and foundational insights for those new to the field.

Review 18: Richard Callender – “Empowering Experience”

“I like how Tolu had a PowerPoint visual template along with speaking about cyber security. I’m also a driver with no previous knowledge but I’m an entrepreneur and founder”

Summary: Richard, a non-technical participant, understood cybersecurity significantly through Tolu’s visual aids and practical examples. 

Impact: Richard’s testimonial highlights the program’s effectiveness in teaching complex concepts through visual and practical methods.

Review 19: Markham – “Worth Every Second”

“The Experience is worth so much. We learnt so much in a short while. It’s specialized knowledge all the way. From day one till the end we focused on relevant up-to-date topics. I highly recommend them!”

Summary: Markham appreciated the specialized, up-to-date knowledge provided throughout the boot camp, finding it worth every second of his time. 

Impact: Markham’s review emphasizes the program’s focus on current and relevant topics, ensuring participants are well-prepared for the industry.

Review 20: Poshcrystal Duchess – “Great and Effective Program”

“Excelmindcyber offers a great, effective and priceless program that enables you to have vast knowledge about the world of cybersecurity and gives you the ability to excel in your IT career. The team lead -Mr Tolulope Michael is a great mentor to put you through everything you need to be a success in the cybersecurity space. As it’s known that your success in life depends 80% on you. Enroll with the mindset that you will succeed, and I assure you that you will. The team has provided everything needed to be successful in the field of cybersecurity. I believe joining the ExcelMindCyber program will be the best decision of your life and career.”

Summary: Poshcrystal commended the program for its comprehensive nature and effective mentorship, which she believes are key to success in cybersecurity. 

Impact: Poshcrystal’s experience showcases the holistic support provided by ExcelMindCyber, from technical training to personal mentorship.

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ExcelMindCyber Reviews: Key Insights

ExcelMindCyber Reviews: Key Insights
ExcelMindCyber Reviews: Key Insights

Several common themes emerge that paint a vivid picture of what makes ExcelMindCyber a standout program. These recurring themes are a testament to the consistency and quality of the training provided:

  1. Effective and Practical Training: Many reviews highlight the practical nature of the training. Participants consistently praise the hands-on exercises, real-world simulations, and the applicability of what they learn to real-world scenarios. 

This practical approach ensures that students are not just passively absorbing information but actively applying it.

  1. Expert Instructors: The expertise and teaching prowess of Mr. Tolu Michael and his team are frequently mentioned. Reviewers commend their ability to break down complex concepts into digestible, understandable chunks, making even the most daunting topics accessible.
  2. Comprehensive Support: From resume building to LinkedIn optimization and interview preparation, the comprehensive support provided by ExcelMindCyber is a significant draw. This holistic approach helps ensure that students are well-prepared to secure jobs post-training.
  3. Confidence Building: A notable theme is the boost in confidence that participants experience. Many reviews mention how the training transformed their self-belief and readiness to tackle cybersecurity challenges, underscoring the program’s impact on personal growth.
  4. Inclusivity and Accessibility: The program’s ability to cater to individuals from various professional backgrounds, including those with no prior tech experience, is frequently highlighted. This inclusivity makes cybersecurity accessible to a broader audience.

Unique Selling Points

ExcelMindCyber distinguishes itself in several key ways, making it an attractive option for aspiring cybersecurity professionals:

  1. Personalized Mentorship: The program offers personalized guidance and mentorship, which is invaluable for navigating career transitions and achieving professional goals. This one-on-one support sets ExcelMindCyber apart from other training programs.
  2. Focused on GRC: The emphasis on Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) within the broader cybersecurity training is unique. This focus aligns well with the increasing demand for GRC professionals in the industry.
  3. Real-World Relevance: The curriculum is designed to be industry-relevant, ensuring that students are learning the skills employers demand. This practical relevance makes the transition from training to the workplace smoother.
  4. High Success Rate: The high success rate mentioned in the reviews, particularly the 100% success rate for selected candidates, speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the program. This success is a strong testament to the program’s quality and impact.


ExcelMindCyber stands out as a transformative program in the realm of cybersecurity training. Through the experiences of twenty individuals, we’ve seen how the program effectively combines practical training, expert instruction, and comprehensive support to deliver exceptional results.

ExcelMindCyber is more than just a training program; it’s a launchpad for successful careers in cybersecurity. The detailed reviews highlight the program’s ability to deliver on its promises and provide real, tangible benefits to its participants. 

The combination of practical skills, expert mentorship, and comprehensive career support creates a robust learning environment that prepares students for success.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your cybersecurity journey? You can do that with an expert beside you to guide you through without having to stress much. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with Tolulope Michael, a cybersecurity professional with over a decade of field experience. This will allow you to gain personalized insights and guidance tailored to your career goals.

Visit now to book your session. This is your opportunity to embark on your cybersecurity career with confidence.

Tolulope Michael

Tolulope Michael

Tolulope Michael is a multiple six-figure career coach, internationally recognised cybersecurity specialist, author and inspirational speaker.Tolulope has dedicated about 10 years of his life to guiding aspiring cybersecurity professionals towards a fulfilling career and a life of abundance.As the founder, cybersecurity expert, and lead coach of Excelmindcyber, Tolulope teaches students and professionals how to become sought-after cybersecurity experts, earning multiple six figures and having the flexibility to work remotely in roles they prefer.He is a highly accomplished cybersecurity instructor with over 6 years of experience in the field. He is not only well-versed in the latest security techniques and technologies but also a master at imparting this knowledge to others.His passion and dedication to the field is evident in the success of his students, many of whom have gone on to secure jobs in cyber security through his program "The Ultimate Cyber Security Program".

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